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Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, prayer and peace be upon the prophet secretary, whom God sent him to have mercy on him two years .. God bless him and God and followers
Oh God, Anfna including Altmana and increased note 

Hello to the blog  The sniper  with you brother Karim from Algeria university student at the College ofSharia in one of the Algerian universities obtained baccalaureate specialization experimental sciences and all interested in programming with regard to profit from the Internet 
 and before you put this site , so I take advantage ofyou and you will take them , God willing ,

Code of  :The sniper

This blog publishes topics related to profit from theInternet , we do put all Mai_khas profit from theInternet in this blog , and God willing , we will put you the right ways and honest profit and we will put your hands topics untested any sites profitable honestcan drag them because most of the sites in theInternet redress can operate on several hours or month can and in Snsdm and discover that thequorum of the site

,  and here they have wasted your time without interest and I am . that is the person who came across such sites have Akhaddt me a lot and in theend I did not get one dollar from 
these sites

 So I would not put in this blog sites and explain it without being sure of their credibility and try them personally and I hope that you will take this code .oan you have Asevsarat or encountered any problem you may contact us via your model Stjdonh in the code.

In the last dear I ask you only pray well for the creator of this site and that God grant him all the best
God happier life and God according to what everyone 
is good for the country and the people

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