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Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, prayer and peace be upon His Messengers and the Seal of the Prophets Muhammad Mustafa Amin .. God bless the prophet Muhammad and his friends and to the Day Have the Bode religion, O Lord of the Worlds
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Peace be upon you and God 's mercy and blessings be upon you hello to the blog The sniper
By using this code you agree to the terms and Aalsaash contained so I hope you can read this page Jadedda until you know all the conditions contained in :

1 This code provides the possibility of your comment and share publications
2 In order to participate can photograph publications and give your opinion in the comments you need a Gmail account until you HTP and comment

3 will be in charge of the messages that you add to our blog
4 If you like the subject in our blog do not copy it and put it in your own blog

5 When you enter into this code , you allow us to take information fromyou , such as your browser name and operating system and your IP address
6 is strictly prohibited access to activities that would disrupt or interfere with our

7 You are solely responsible for any error or damage TAKEAWAY action is not authorized by you as it is movable in the top
8 you can delete Taaliqk and even block this code if you released any words abusively 

9 If Gath in these code words or quotation because you hope that you're writing to us via our Algimil with Arvaguena as your personal information: name, title, content that I found you continued with your site and link
10 This site tracking data and the number of visits 

11 Privacy Policy can be changed from time to time because they are part of this agreement

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