What is the bitcion and who is its inventor?

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today in this topic we will wanted to convey some information about the bitcion currency, which caused a stir in the internet world, which overshadowed the other currencies 
The currency of bitcion is a virtual currency that does not have a fixed base or a place to set up and is volatile, ie,

 the price is not fixed in 2007 reached a price of 17000 dollars , that is, reached a very high peak and who had collected and cared for this flag has become a millionaire this year because it rose Large and then began to descend until now reached nearly worth between $ 3000 and $ 6000 andaccording to experts' expectations that this currency will rise in price in the future 

 For those who invented this BTC coin, it is an anonymous person who has not yet appeared, but whose name is Satoshi Nakamoto  
Those who deal with this flag will find that the word satoshi  is a coin and it is considered to be a waste of the mint currency 
Because every 100000000satoshi = 1BTC, as you notice, the currency of the Satoch is very small 

Many people may be wondering about how to get this BTC currency?

This currency you can buy from the portfolios  because they contain this currency 
The mint currency is often found in the block block. This block  is difficult to penetrate because it is highly secure. If you open a wallet, your money is secured 
Also if you want to get this currency there are sites that you can operate and collect through the configuration and turn it into your blockchain 

But the currency is more targeted by pirates because its wallets carry huge sums 

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