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 day in this post we will explain a great location to buy and sell Alpetkoan  site coinmam is a special site to buy and sell digital currency as this site does not take you great 
during the purchase commission  

to register on the site , click here  

registration method in a very easy location You only need to enter your information correctly because you will have to send documents later to confirm your account 

When you click on creat will send a message to the e-mail you registered Open the e-mail and click on the message for this site you will find cnfirm email Click on it and be confirmed as shown in this picture in the bottom  

Then the site will take you to a page to enter the address information Enter it correctly as well as 

then move to the second step is to upload the document either you upload the identification card will also appear in the picture that will be placed by the site or you upload the passport also  in this step you must You should upload a photo  as well as a cionmam and date of the day.  If you do not confirm this information, you will not be able to do anything inside the site. Be sure to complete these steps  after data Or these steps , you can now buy Alpetkoan by clicking on the BUY and that appear in the top you will find a range of digital Amuallhmat you can choose Alpetkoan and then you will see box to put how much you want to buy Alpetkoan

When you enter the amount you want to transfer to Bitcoin you will go to a page to enter the address of your wallet and the way you want to pay when buying  just make sure the address of the wallet that it is correct and it is specific to the currency you will buy because if you put the address of a digital currency other than the one you bought as a deposit And you will not get anything and at the same time you can not retrieve so be sure to make sure the address of this wallet  just how to buy from coinmam site is easy as the commission is low during the purchase

  you can also sell the digital currency that you have to convert it into dollars or euros and through Press the sell that appears in The top and you will then sell Batmaha just steps properly and will convert your currency to the dollar or the euro  that 's what I was able to move it around the site you coibmam if there is a problem you encounter do not hesitate to leave a comment on your question to answer  you

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This is explained in the explanation today we hope that we have benefited you and the little thing
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