How to get a free US number that sends and receives messages and calls

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On today's topic, we will explain how to get an American number easily 
I know that most people may search about applications until they get an American number, but unfortunately they always face a problem in obtaining the number. 

Also, the American number may be required by some sites in order to register, especially honest and profitable sites that are always foreign and you must enter an American number. 

With this application that I brought to you, you will not have a problem creating the number you only need to download the application and you will choose the number 

To download the application, click here

When you open the application, you will go through some steps for registration until you reach the last step. You will enter the country code consisting of three numbers. You may enter 201, and then press CONTINU. The application will give you four numbers. Choose the number you want to use, and the number will become available to receive calls and messages such as SIM or SIM card 

The application is very cool, it will actually benefit you 
What I must alert you to is that the number you use must be active within two weeks, that is, you send messages or receive calls. 
Because if two weeks have passed and you did not perform any operation on the number, such as sending or receiving a message, the number will be deleted and the application will ask you to create a new number

So pay close attention and always activate the number so that you do not lose it 

This is the easy way to get a free US number 

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