How to create a wallet to receive digital currencies and how to withdraw your money from the wallet to a Visa or Master Card

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this matter we will discuss a topic that explains how to create a wallet to receive fine currencies and how to ship the wallet or buy digital currencies and we will also explain how to transfer bitcoin or digital currencies from your portfolio to a visa or master card and get your money Cash  know that most beginners are facing these problems in the creation of portfolios of digital currencies ,

 but in fact this is very easy , you can create a portfolio with ease  there are many portfolios that you can open them  I am on this subject you subject I will impress so wonderful and reliable portfolio  binance or platform portfolio Ainens portfolio is a private digital currency you can receive digital currencies as you can by trading volumes in these currencies within the platform 

 to register binance platform Click here

The way to register on the platform is very easy, you will enter the email and password and verify the code when pressing LOGIN, then you will open the email that you registered with. You will find a message from this wallet, open it and you will find a link inside it by clicking on it to confirm the email,  then you will enter directly to the platform And you will find all the things and features in an account  first. 

What you must do is activate the second feature of security, which is either by downloading the code generator or receiving messages on your phone.  This feature must be done to secure your account.  After activating this feature, you can now go to the WALLTE menu. You will find all Currencies Choose the currency you see Son and Adatt on DPOSIT until the digital currency address that will send him the money shows you as well as with the other currencies the same thing if you want to get a digital currency title 

 How to charge your binance 

The way is very easy to send any digital currency to the Binance platform only You will buy the digital currency and send it to Binance 
to buy digital currencies I recommend you to the site biz it is very easy and fast during the purchase

  Click here to register on the site

 The way to buy from the site is very easy Choose the currency you want and do enter the amount and then will complete the purchase steps from the site  to withdraw money Binance platform to Visa or MasterCard  to withdraw your money directly from binance platform to a credit card , you can not because binance related to digital currency digital  but here is a way to withdraw money which is by registering at the site of ADV Cash It is a site Also reliable

 to  register on the site click here

When registering with ADV Cash, first confirm your account by sending the documents after your account is confirmed, you will press DEPOSIT FUNDS and for example choose Bitcoin as a payment method that will show you the address of the bitcoin wallet. 

You only need to copy the address and paste it into the Binance platform to send them to Your account in ADV Cash After receiving the amount on your account in ADV Cash you can now transfer it to a Visa or Master Card by pressing WITHDRAW and then you will choose INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER and withdraw the amount to your card normally

  Note: You cannot withdraw money to cards issued from countries next 

Do not forget that the fees charged to you are $ 6 +1.99 percent of the amount that you want to transfer, that is, from $ 1,000, $ 25 will be taken as a transfer fee. 

This way is just to create a wallet for crypto and withdraw your money from it Cache 

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