How to get a free VISA visa card 2020

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Today in this post we will explain how to get a free visa card through the Internet only from one of the sites.  I know that many people suffer from obtaining a visa card to activate Paypal or to purchase via the Internet 

Yes, the fact of requesting a free visa card for Arab countries is very tiring because all sites do not support Arab countries, for example, we find a website that facilitates a visa card, but does not call Arab countries, and it also requires you to deposit in your account to obtain the card

 details  today, I will transfer to you a wonderful, reliable site that grants a free visa card, but the site there are some countries that this site is not supported by  wirex for digital currencies, i.e. a wallet for digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and others To  request the card from the site you must register first 

 click here To register on the site

  method for registering on the site is easy, and as usual, you will choose the country, write an email and write a password. 

When you press Continue, you will open your email. You will find a message from the site with the confirmation link. Click on it  when you confirm the email. A step will be taken to enter the housing information, enter it correctly  after entering the housing information.

 A step will be taken to enter your personal information such as name, surname, date of birth and nationality, after which you will press NEXT  Another step will come that asks you to enter the phone number, enter it and press Continue. 

You will receive a code to the phone, enter it in the box to confirm your account number.  After confirmation, the phone goes to the most important stage, which is to send personal documents  now, you must download the application on the phone, if you are on the phone F. You will find all the steps in front of you or you will not take the front photo of the identification card, after which you will be asked to take a photo of the back of the card, after which you will be asked to take a selfie, just photograph your face and make sure that the picture is clear. 

After that, the last stage will come, which is uploading a document to prove the address of the residence. Upload it from your phone or photograph it directly and send it. After doing  these steps, you will wait about half an hour to an hour for your documents to be reviewed and verified. After your  account is confirmed, you can now request the card. order card You can order the card in the currency you want usd eur gbp. Choose the currency that you want to be on your card and then you will enter the information you want to receive the card or the housing address but make sure that your country is supported first so that the card reaches you  most of the supported countries are the countries of the European Union If you have Person or friend there you can send the card to him , and then converts them to you to your country  you can get a third of the cards each card in a different currency 

 you can visit this page to learn more information about the card and things located  within the site wirex   Press here 


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