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Today in this topic, we will try to explain how to add a newsletter subscription tool to your site.  Many people may be interested in their blogs and their positions and this is to get more visitors and make the visitor come back to your site constantly  today. 

You can add this tool to your site as well and it is a distinct tool that appears to the visitor Immediately upon entering your site, he will enter his e-mail and subscribe with you, and then you can send notifications to him when you publish any topic. The  site MAILMUNCH offers you this service, and it is a site that works on all platforms of the website and electronic commerce.  

The important thing in this site is that it provides this service Free

 to  register on a For a site click here,  

then you will register on the site. The method is very easy

When you enter your account, you will prepare the FORM with something that suits you best. You will find types of forms. You can choose the form that you like. 

 After choosing the model, several steps will appear for you through which you can change your form in terms of information or colors, or how this form appears to your visitors and some characteristics as well.

  When you finish creating the form and reach the last stage, publish the model  after publishing the model. 

You will go to HOME to take the HTML code to verify your site. Just copy the code and copy it in your blog until your site is verified.  

After entering the HTML code in your site, the form will be ready and will appear. 

when each visitor to visit your site  this is the The only way you can benefit from a well - site to send notices to your visitors  continued


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