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Today in this topic, I will share the best profit and withdrawal site to your Paypal account.  I know that many sites may inspire the visitor that he will get a lot of money and give him a financial bonus when registered and these things they do to bring people to their site only  because if you come to withdraw your money you will not be able Check it out and you will also find the site telling you the minimum withdrawal level, for example $ 100, and this thing will only put your time for you and ultimately find that you are the only loser  

so pay attention to this article so that you can make a real profit and you can withdraw your money to your Paypal account  point2shop a site with surveys opinion and also gives you tasks to carry out  the Lal you complete these surveys and tasks in return you will get the money from the site  

to register on the site , click here 

The registration method is very easy, enter your username, e-mail and password, then check your e-mail and you will find a message from the site with the confirmation link. Click on it after entering your account. All tools are listed in the top menu and all information on the site  to start  

You will click  on the earn point and you will find a group of The tasks you have to do to win some money 

As you can see above in the picture, there is a set of tasks that you have to do, such as an opinion poll or playing games, etc.

 You can choose yourself  to withdraw your money from the site  , go to spend point and it will appear to you to withdraw. Click on it then you can withdraw to Paypal, enter the amount and click on withdraw Remember that the minimum withdrawal is $ 1

This is the explanation of the site in general, you can see the rest of the site's features yourself, 
and you can download the application on your phone 


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