The easiest way to recharge your Payoneer card is free

Hello dear reader in the first professional blog 

In our post today we will explain how to recharge your Payoneer card for free with a simple amount does not exceed $ 1 

and the method of shipping is very easy  if you have not received any payment before on your account in Payoneer, this method is useful for you because you will undoubtedly receive or your dollars on it  firstly you have to do is Download the program to change the IP address because you must change the site to the USA so that you can register in the site that will send you money  If you do not change your location Fatman will not be able to do any tasks

 To  download an application that changes the IP 

after you run the application and convert your Magwak to the States You can now register at the venmo website, which will run Send your payments to the Payoneer Card 

To  register at venmo click here

After logging in to open your account, you will have to register either by logging in to Facebook or by email. 

After clicking on the signup open the email you registered and you will find a message from this site link to click to confirm your email 

 after confirming the email comes Payoneer shipping method will directly click on the setting that appears  above then click on payment method and then click on edit  follow The following pictures explain it

Then you will see a page to enter your bank account information such as routing number and account number  Open your Payoneer account and bring this information and put it in the appropriate place 

This is your bank account information  now copy and paste in the fields requested by the site in this way 

When you click SAVE you have finished all the steps and
 the site will tell you that you will be sent two payments of money to your account in Payoneer not more than $ 1 will wait you 24 hours and the funds will be added to your account Payoneer 

This is the easiest way to receive your first payments on Payoneer 

This is explained in the explanation today we hope that we have benefited you and the little thing
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