The best site instagc for profit by polls is PayPal and Bitcoin

Hello dear reader in the first professional blog

  today in this topic we will address to explain a very wonderful site pay for Paypal and Balbtikon as well  as this site is special opinion polls and watch videos and do some tasks and you will get points and then you can convert points to dollars and withdraw them to Paypal 

 site special opinion polls as you can get through the cards and gifts

 to  register in the site Click here

  How to register in the site is very easy you only enter the username and password and e-mail  then you will enter the name and surname Make sure that the information is correct 

 After the intake To your account the site will ask you to link your Paypal account on it You link your account on it so you can withdraw to Paypal 

After registering wait a little to be logged into the account 
when you log in to your account link Paypal as we said at the beginning only follow the steps because the method of linking is very easy  you will get 10 bonus points from this site  you can now go to EARN to do some tasks to get additional points

Withdrawal from this site The 
method of withdrawal from the site is easy First you must collect 100 points and above in order to withdraw to Paypal equivalent to $ 1 

When you click on redeem you will receive your money on PayPal  For withdrawals to Bitcoin you must collect $ 50 in order to be able to draw any you must accumulate many points  Draw to PayPal better you will only need to collect 100 points to withdraw the equivalent of $ 1


This is explained in the explanation today we hope that we have benefited you and the little thing
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