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Today in this post we will explain a company from one of the Forex companies and
as you know each company and has its advantages and characteristics and offers that give to traders

Company exness and   a global broker in FX and is considered one of the best companies for trading in the world in terms of the development of secure transactions and accounts is
 also characterized by instant withdrawals at any time with a commission 0 percent 

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How to register in the company is very easy and no doubt that most Forex companies have a single stamp when registering is to enter your personal information correctly consisting of name, surname and date of birth as well as writing your residence address 
may ask you some information about your monthly and annual income Normal input 

When you open the account, you will confirm your e-mail 
after confirming the e-mail or something you do is sending your personal documents from the ID card or identity card to both the front and back and you also send a proof of housing 

When you send these documents you will wait a day until the documents are reviewed and your account 
is confirmed when you fully confirm your account you can then deposit and withdraw normally 

As for the deposit, the minimum deposit is $ 5. There are a range of payment methods at the time of deposit. The minimum amount is not much that anyone can get $ 5 to deposit in this company.  

After the deposit download MetaTrader and open your account and start trading like other companies
 for the withdrawal as we said at the beginning that you can withdraw at any time with the minimum is $ 5 as well 

I do not want to dwell on you in this explanation because most of the companies like some of the people who have registered before and traded in companies will know everything immediately after registration, 
but if you are a novice you can access my channel and watch some videos on the circulation and will understand everything because I simplest things as much possible even understand all 

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