Solve the AdSense problem: Your website was found to be disabled or unavailable We suggest if there is a typo in the url you submitted

Hello dear reader in the first professional blog 

Today in this post we will address the problem faced by most people who want to subscribe to Adsense 
is that Adsense rejects their site 
so that it finds the message from Adsense as follows 

 shows that your website was disabled or unavailable We suggest you if there is a spelling error in the url you submitted

 This is the message that appears in your account on Adsense and you may remain confused because your site is running and nothing on it  This message appeared to you because when you linked your site to Adsense did not disappear him http // www  You have added your site directly without these codes so if you took your site You also sent it to Adsense and search for it in a hidden browser and not a normal browser must To put it in a hidden browser you will find yourself when you search on your site will not appear your site, but will show the site from which I bought the domain,  for example, my site I sold it in Adsense 

If took this link and examined it will not show my website because I did not do a way to convert this link to my website which is fully the   https: // the www; m No so watch out now well to address this error with ease  only Stzha to your blog and Go to the settings and then in the place of linking to the domain you will find an adjustment click on it and you will find at the bottom an additional feature is the conversion of your site to Bedouin http // www to the official site 

When you press Save error be handled successfully and you can re - request in Adsens and conciliation  sharearticle to your friends


This is explained in the explanation today we hope that we have benefited you and for a little
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