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today in this topic we will talk about  how to get the assignment link for the site IQ OPTION 

If you want to get the assignment and logos link to IQ option and that appear in my blog , what you have is that you have a site like blog and be where the proportion of views large or you can use theFacebook page , but you should be your page has a lot of Likes because they will not accept a few pages I have try in  the first time that  give them a link on my Facebook page where there were 2000 fans but they rejected it so you should work hard to collect the likes of your page or create a site that gets you many visits 

:If you have this, you can now go to the site

 After clicking on the link and accessing this site you will fill in the data for registration

 You will enter your Gmail and your password and choose the language you want your account to appear in. Click on Sign Up. Confirm your account via your email. You will find a message with the activation link. 

When you finish registering and accessing the site, you will find four steps to go through 

The three steps are where you will find only information you can read or skip the other stepwise steps 

In the fourth step, the site will ask you to enter your link and  choose your country name and other information
When you fill out the fourth step and apply for the assignment link, you will wait three days for your site to be reviewed. Upon completion of your site review, you will receive a message to the e-mail where you will find if your site has been accepted or rejected. 

If your site is rejected, you will not be able to send a second site or re-submit it for a second review because your account will besuspended and will become useless 
If you accept your site congratulations to you because you can earn a lot of money and this if the policy followed and did not violate the rights 
You will find within your account two accounts, one for European countries and the other for non-European countries 

You will find your assignment link 
For European countries, you must confirm it so that you can make money on it. The account of the non-European countries will find your profits started by bringing in only one  trader

And now you have a link and publish your referral and bring traders 
As you will find within your account alerts or ads iq option  you can take code and placing ads on your site and any one who presses the advertisement will direct it to your assignment link 


Be wary of getting paid traffic to your site or referral link because yourvisits will be reviewed
 Also be careful to register a member of your family or friends with your referral link because these things violate the policy 
You will not be able to withdraw your money unless you collect more than $ 10   and get 5 active traders 
The explanation is over. I hope that I have reported to you, even if only a little
Any question put in the comment and I will answer you

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