Start trading without deposit

Today in this topic you will have an opportunity to start trading without deposit money
with fbs company now you can get 100 dollars as bonus 

To register in FBS Click here

 After you register and login to your account first thing you should do is confirm your ACCOUNT BY sending documents of both sides of the card and also confirm the phone  and wait 24 HOURS

Then open  your account and go to the bonus 

read the bonus conditions very carfuly

The conditions that you must achieve to pull profits are 

Terms and Conditions of Bonus

  1. Bonus is available on the platform MetaTrader5
  2. Deal size = 0.01 lot
  3.  The leverage available in the bonus account is 1: 100
  4. Amount Retractable = US $ 100
  5. The maximum allowed for open positions at the same time is 5 deals
  6. The conditions to be met to be able to withdraw your winnings:
    1. The required number of active trading days is 30 (active trading day is the day you open and close a deal)
    2. Positive points difference (must be the total number of points of Winning trades will be greater than the total number of points from losing trades)
    3. The client should trade 5 Otat at least during the active trading period estimated at 30 days
    4. You must meet the requirements of the bonus over a period of 50 days to be able to withdraw your winnings
  7. The deal, which is meet the requirements that are the difference between the opening and closing price equal to 100 points
  8. Allows the circulation of the major currency pairs exclusively
  9. It prevents the use of robots for handling this bonus
  10. You can request the bonus only once; 
  11. If the suspicion of attempting to defraud the bonus account, the company is entitled to deduct the amount of the bonus in addition to the full profit resulting from trading in the bonus account, without notice. In this case, is not a decision may be irrevocable.

As you can see at the top there are 17 conditions for you to achieve the withdrawal of flatus must 
 Now we will try to explain pictures so everyone understands 
Such as there is in the following image you press the $ 100 Bonus 






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