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Today in this post we will explain a great site for displaying advertisements on sites or blogs is explicitly an alternative player for Adsense and can be said that it is better than Adsense 

This site is  yllix special ads on the sites and the policy is the same policy Adsense that is not to accept illegal visits to your site because it will block your account directly

 to  register on the site Click here 

The method of registration on the site is very easy will click  on the signup that you will find at the top Then you will enter the name and e-mail with the choice of sex

  when you click on the registration will open the email you registered and open the message that will receive from this site and click on the confirmation link 

 after confirmation of your account you can access it by e-mail and password you will find in the message that you received To the email, Qa is the one who makes you thepassword

  after login to your account you will be asked tocomplete some personal information with the choice of your property withdrawal method that you want , you can choose theway that suits you 

The site will draw to Bayonier, Paypal and Baeza  Now the important thing will come is how to place ads and choose ads from this site to display on your site 

First, when you go to the list of sites that you will set up at the top you will find that this site does not ask you to link your site such as Adsense and review for a certain period  

This site will tell you that your site will be added just your status to the ad code on your own site  so you just go directly to the list add tag to choose the ad and take the code and copy it where you want the ad to appear on your blog 

 The following picture shows some important things to get the code 

When you paste the code on your site, the ad will start showing, and anyone who clicks on the ad will earn profits.  You can exploit the site if you are not accepted in Adsense. This is the opportunity for you to view advertisements and profit.

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 Ends Explanation  Do not hesitate to put your questions, we are here to support you  and do not forget to join us on YouTube and the Telegram For more information 

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