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Today in this post, we will explain or tell you about a great site, special links, but not profit, what is the benefit of this site ? This is what we will address in this regard 

Most people do not have links to their own sites or any link they want to publish for visits  . These people often use Facebook as their primary source of traffic, but the new Facebook policy blocks many links. You can not publish your own link and you may publish it but see it. No one else 

If today I brought you a great site to summarize the link you want to publish on Facebook because the latter will not recognize the type of link you will publish 
This may help you continue to publish your site on Facebook

This site is a Spanish site ITO site easy and very simple registration site and you can shorten the links without registration 

 to    register   Click here  

Do not forget the site will be in Spanish Translate the site so you understand what is good translation into English 

After registering on the site and accessing your account 
You will go directly to the top menu and press short url 

As shown in the following picture

After clicking on short url, a   page will come to you to place the link you want to shorten 

The following picture shows this 

After clicking on the arrow will shorten your link and show you the shortcut link you can copy and publish it on Facebook 

You can use this site to shorten your link and publish it on Facebook 

Finished explanation today I hope the explanation is good and clear 
If you have a question or inquiry feel free to put it in the comment we are here to support you 
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