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 today in   this topic we will look to explain the great location you can shorten links by this site cut4ever fact I Sohrha because you can publish any link after abbreviated on Facebook As for the profit of this site , I did not try it if it pulls or not and not out to a minimum  of only those concerned with spreading links too much on Facebook , you can use the following website  

to register on the site , click here 

after login to the site will open a special account you through the introduction of information required by you to the site you username and email and password  recording method The location is very easy

After registering and accessing your account you will immediately click on short linck as shown in the following picture

After you click on new shorten link you will see a new page to put the link you want to shorten  
the following picture showing it

After clicking on shorten you will see the shortcut link you can copy and publish on Facebook and you will find that Facebook accepts this link and will not prepare

  for the people you want to profit from it I do not know the credibility of this site as I said before, but this site supports PayPal and Bayer and limit The minimum draw is $ 1 and the other minimum draw is $ 10


END  DESCRIPTION Do not forget to sign up with us on YouTube and the Telegram which you will find ties at the top  . if you have a question or inquiry you can put it in the comment . we are here to support  you

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