The difference between the active and non-activated PayPal and how to activate the paypal

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In this subject today we will address the matter of most of the beginner in the profit from the  Internet, which they see the only way to receive money and obtained by the  bank paypal paypal, the world's most famous bank, which uses more than 92        percent

 and this bank transfers and transactions such as electronic purchase From the Internet There are many services provided by this bank 

This is just a brief definition of paypal paypal  

But the important thing that occupies many of the issues in the Arab countries

 What is the difference between the active and the inactive?

This is what we will answer now 

Although PayPal supports Arab countries and anyone can open a PayPal account
 And free of charge, whether in Jordan, Morocco or Algeria.

But when you open an account you find that the latter does not receive funds and restrictions which you will not enjoy all the advantages 

Therefore, some people may work on a profitable site or an application paid to PayPal. However, when you withdraw, this person will be waiting days and days and the money will not be transferred to his account in PayPal. 
This is because the account is not activated 

The difference  between an active and an inactive PayPal is that the first receives and

 sends money  normally and you can make purchases online 

As for the second, which is the passive babial, you can not receive the money and do not send it because it is restricted as a suspended account and you can not access the features until after activating it 
We now come to how to activate

To activate your PayPal account you will find two ways 

The first  is that you link to a Visa card and confirm 

it  until  you activate or link a bank account 

For some people who link these master cards do not  

activate  the paypal entirely You can only send 

money and  you can not receive it 

So to activate the PayPal you have two ways Visa card or bank account 

This is the difference between the activated and the inactive 

End the explanation today 
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