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 today's   in this topic we will talk to explain or talk about the wonderful site of links sites shortcut  This site will not explain on the basis of profit, but the importance of this site is that it is not blocked on Facebook there are some people suffer from the deployment of their sites On Facebook because it is blocked and removed immediately immediately published  but today using this site and the shortcut link can be published on Facebook normally and will not be banned or removed

This site is cuttly special to create shortcut links and will give you some options or actions that can be applied to the shortcut link such as change the alias of the address of the url, you can also change your alias name link shortcut to your link and other actions you will find when you shorten the link 

to register In the site click here The 

method of registration on the site is very easy Like the rest of the sites  you can choose the language that helps you  follow the following pictures of how to register on the site 

After you create an account, go to the email you registered with. You will find a message from the website. You will find a link to confirm your account. Click on it  
after you log into your account. 

After clicking on the shortcut you will see the shortcut link you can copy and publish on Facebook  
normally and  
you can track the number of clicks on the site 

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This is what explained in the day I hope that the site will benefityou Do not forget to subscribe with us on YouTube and on Telegraph for more information

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