How to resize an image on a blog

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today  in this post we will discuss how to change the size of the image in the blogger topics 

a lot of beginners begin to suffer from how to change the size of the image when loaded on the blog and leave it as they are size, they find that when publishing the subject that 
the picture does not come consistent With the template 

                                                 Now we will explain how to  

change the size of the image in the blogger so easy that you upload the image and then go to the html list and change the height and width 

 The following picture shows that 

As you see, we uploaded the image to the subject we want to write
What you need to do after uploading the image is to click on html as the arrow in the image indicates 
After pressing html you will change the image sizes as you want 

Change the width and height as you want and the image you uploaded will change with you 

This is the explanation today 
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