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today's in this simple topic we will explain how to develop Adsense ad code and  this subject is especially directed to beginners,  as everyone knows Adsense is a site for advertising, that is, if you have a site or channel on YouTube you can subscribe with adsense and profit from Through ads, but this after completing the conditions required by Adsense to be able to subscribe with him 

 on this topic now we will explain how to put the ad on your blog because most people have blogs

First you will open your Adsense account and bring or copy the ad code you want by clicking on the ads on the right hand side and clicking on the ad units 

After you click on Get code you will see a menu where the ad code will be copied 

The following picture shows this

After copying the code you will go to your blog and click on the layout and choose the site you want to appear on your blog and then add a tool will pop up a new window you choose    HTML / JavaScript after     you paste the ad code
The following pictures illustrate this 



When you paste the ad code and press Save has finished all thesteps   
and wait for about a quarter of an hour and will appear ad you have chosen on your blog in this case Ballenbsh 

me the ad shows on the right side of my blog  because I added a tool in the hand sidbar-right-1 

summary to say that You can place the ad anywhere you want in a video by clicking on add a tool in the site you want 

 End the explanation today  if you have a question or Please do not hesitate to put it in a comment. We are here to support you  and do not forget to follow us on YouTube and Telgram for more information 

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