How to Order a Free Payoneer Card Explained in detail

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Today in this topic we will explain how to get a Payoneer card for free without linking a bank account and pay $ 30 
The method is very easy and we will explain the steps in the pictures so that everyone understands

Peopleperhour site  This wonderful site gives you a Payoneer card for free and this is a reliable sign in which many users

 to    register   in  the  site Click here 

 After entering the site you will be prompted to subscribe to the top to open your new account after clicking on the subscription will show you a list to enter personal information Of your name, surname, e-mail, password, and the type of account you want. The following picture shows this

As you can see in the image above fill in the empty fields and then check the CAPTCHA code and click on Register  when you press Register will go directly to your account Go to the email you registered and confirm your account  after confirming your account:

You will be presented as a new registrar and you will want to get a Pioneer card. You will go to the picture above. 

You will then 
 click on payment.  When you click on the payments you will see the security question you used. 

Answer the question 
to go to the next step.
  After answering the question, go to the next step. On the payments setting at the bottom,  the following picture shows this 

When you press the payment setting the most important stage will come to ask for Payoneer card  
images which mechanism will explain in detail the way

You will press edit as the arrow indicates in the image after clicking on add new account  after clicking on add new account you will choose payoneer account and then you will see the currency you want to use will press you directly on proceed  if you do not see an error Change the currency to GBP 

 The following pictures show that 

After clicking on the button you will see a list of three options. You will choose the last option, which is the pre-paid card 


After you press the subscription go directly to the site payoneer   
 and will enter your personal information  
in the first step will enter your name, title and email and re -writing email and enter your birthday Christmas and you enter the code in the box after that click continu 

 the following picture shows this step 

After clicking on next  you will go to the second dangerous  
entry of housing information. You must type the address correctly until you receive the card 

After clicking on next , you will proceed to the third step, which is to enter the password and enter the security 
question for the security  question, you must remember it because you will be later,  
so choose an easy question and answer it in the last box  . 

After completing this step you will proceed to the last step, which is to enter your ID number and click on Completing the application
 The following picture shows this 

As you can see in the picture above, you are not required to link a bank account to request the card which you can request for free as we spoke at the beginning  after pressing the completion of the application you have submitted to the Payoneer card application and will send you an email and tell you that your application will be reviewed in three Next 3 days 

after reviewing the application, they will send you a message in your email   and tell you that you must upload your ID card for both sides  . You must have a scan of your ID card until you  send it. They will give you a link in the message you will receive. Send the photo to the log E to the front of the card and then send them the back of the card so you have completed all things to request a payoneer card

After about three days, they will send you a message to inform you that your application for the payoneer has been accepted and you will receive the card within two weeks. You  will wait until you receive the card and activate it and start using your card for online shopping. 

Important note  
Sometimes you may be asked to re-write the address you will receive the card so try to write the address as follows: City - street - home - home number. 
If not for the house No. 00 00 

 Here we finish the explanation today I wish I have reported on this subject and I have brought you all the information that I desire  that you have aquestion do not hesitate to put it in the comment . we are here to support  you involved with us on YouTube and on Allgram for more information

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