How to change the header color of a blog page in a very easy way

Hello dear reader in   sniper  blog 

today's on this subject will explain how to change the color of the head of the blog, which suffers the majority because it is important task in the blog

The method of change in the colors of the blog is very easy and not just the head, but you can replace any color in the code in another color 
clor cop is an application gives you the code html of the color and is by taking the pen in the application and put it on the color will give you the code of this color 

 Link Download application Click here 

You will copy this code after You go to the 
appearance of the code and you click on html to edit then press ctrl + f and paste the code and press entree to find the location of this code of the color 

after you find this code will go to the blog and choose the color you want to replace and take the pen in the Apply it to the color you want to give the color code after Copy the code and go to the appearance of the code you opened previously and paste the code place the first code and click on save the appearance after clicking Save, you will find that the color of the code has changed


i hope that you have understant 

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