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 We talked about the previous topic on how to change the size of the image in the blog and we discussed in detail and we found that the way is very easy to change the image sizes in the blog  today in this topic we will try to explain how to change the writing line in the blog or blogger 

Some people may want to change the font and the thickness of the line in the blog so that it is clear and be consistent with the blogger, which leads to the reader to your blog or site and the most important things in the blog and that you should consider is the thickness of the line and font color also because if the line of the blog Is not clear or font color does not appear well, it makes you lose visitors and any visitors enter your blog will not return to it because it does not feel easy to read your blog  

now I will put you picture how to change the font

When you search for the word font-size you will find more than one and all are in different positions. You change the font you want, for example the page header or the subject line 

This is how to change the blog line is easy and very simple

End the explanation Do not hesitate to put your questions, we are here to support you 
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