How to activate a Payoneer card

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today's  In this post we will explain how to activate the Payoneer card we will try to explain about the methods of images to show things clearly

First to activate the Payoneer card you will enter your

 account by entering the email and password you 

registered with them at the beginning

After pressing the login you will enter directly into your will 

by clicking on the activation of the card number to insert 

16 - digit number and insert pin 4 - digit code and you'll 

need when you extract your money from the ATM 

through this card Pioneer  following images illustrate these 


Click on Activate as the arrow indicates in the above image 

after pressing Activate the last step will come to insert the 

card number and pin code

 After clicking on activate your card is activated and your 

bank account activated and you can receive money in 

your card and make purchases through the 

Internet   This is the way to activate Payoneer card way 

very easy


Ends today's explanation Do not hesitate to put your questions here we support you and  
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