Bonus without deposit Start profit without capital of $ 30 with ayrex platform

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we will try to address a very important thing for people who do not  have the capital to start investing  that capital is a matter of a person to possess it to start his work or work  was developing and multiply his money

  In this talk we will now show you a great way to without money, which means you can get  dollars for free, but of course it will not be easy but does not require you money  to start the  platform ayrex is that can bring you a sum of money and you can get an amount ranging from $ 30 and $ 10 by participating in this competition For platform three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday  platform ayrex is a platform for binary options and is a platform for trading You can open a free account on this platform 


To open a new account click here 

 After you enter the site you will click on the signup and fill in the information form of the name, surname, e - mail and the country will choose the site automatically and do not forget to write off the option to open an Islamic account  because this platform will open an Islamic account in line with The rules of the Islamic Shariah so that profits are fixed  after pressing to open an account and access to it you will find on the right hand all the important things related to the deposit and withdrawal and the competition, which will be explained later for the deposit you can deposit $ 25 and above because the minimum This platform was supporting the  skrill before , but now Can you deposit and withdrawal by fasapay and unoipay and MasterCard and Visa Card as ways to pay 

Some countries have a Master Card and Visa Card is not activated and can not deposit and withdraw them

 for the carpet you can withdraw $ 25  Secondly, the important thing is to go to the list ofdocuments and here you must send the documents in the ID card for both background and front images and send a document to prove housing even Eetmkid your account and you can drag documents to be sent must be based photographed by phone until they are accepted and must be clear  after six hours Sarajonha and send you a message through e - mail that has been accepted and confirmed your account 

 Now We come to the most important stage ,  and is the 

  competition contest     and you'll find in the  Right at 

the bottom as well as destined Stqok by clicking on it to 

take you to a page by clicking on the competition will

 participate and enter the name you want to appear in the competition 

At the top you will find the duration of the contest. You 

will be waiting for the remaining time to start with the contestants 

At the start of the competition you will do the same. Entering the contest menu directly into the 
competition will give you $ 100 for trading. You will start and place deals
so that you do not miss the deal value. $ 500    
You will find a cup on the left side that you can click on and see your rank and rank. others  , 

so you must raise your balance as much as district as possible tobe from the top eight because there are eight winners only  the 
first winner gets $ 30 and the second $ 20 and the rest get $ 10  

duration of the competition will be one hour and you $ 100 so keen on deals that put And do not rush  
when the competition ends within an hour will be added ArbDirectly to the winners in their real accounts and can withdraw or move them 

This is a contest you can exploit every three times a week You will not lose anything You participate and if you win Vmbrok you and if you do not win wait for the next time  

This is a platform of a wonderful and simple ayrex a set 
of currencies you can trade and develop your money  as I do not forget the platform gives you a bonus of $ 10 $ When you lose your money as an aid to you to return  

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Finished explanation today I wish I brought you information clearly and  if there is a point in my words do not hesitate to ask your question because I am here to support  you Do not forget to follow us on Youtube and Telegram for more 

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