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Today in this topic we will explain the tool you can add to your blog and may impress any visitor to enter your blog  

that the most important things that you should put in the blog and attention to them are the tools that you add and the importance of your blog and whether the visitor likes it or  so in this simple explanation I wanted to share this tool you can add to your blog in an easy way This tool is google Earth, which appears in the form of a globe showing the site of any visitor to visit your blog, for example, your blog entered three people one of the butcher and the second of Egypt and the third of the will appear on the ball Terrain all these sites  will also show you the number of visitors who Lazaro blog to add code tool , 

download the following file by clicking here

Google Earth.txt - 161 B

When you download the file you will find the code you can copy and paste it where you want the tool to appear at the bottom or above the blog 

Just put it in the right place, which is consistent with the format of the blog  
and you can change the size of the globe Reduce or enlarge through the cipher  This is the only way to add the tool 


Finished explanation  If you have a question or an inquiry you can leave it in the comment and we will answer  you. Do not forget to sign up with us on YouTube and Telgram for more information. 

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