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 on this subject we will get you a great electronic bank with financial services such as remittances and other features of this bank or website UPayCard site is a company established in Cyprus this company has created a site that has a total of currencies Including digital currencies such as Bettkin, Ethrium, Ripple and other currencies and offers international money transfer solutions, which allows individuals to send and receive money around the world without fatigue

 to  register in the site Click here 

After entering the site click on signp free then Fill out the statement Your username, password and email address 

After completing all the following steps you will go to the email you registered to find a message from this site where there is a link will be put on it to confirm your account and will look for you a new list to enter the name and title and address address Try to write everything correctly as written in the documents because you Documents will be sent later to ensure that the information is correct 

After completing these steps and getting into your account, the 
first thing you need to do is click on the uploud document, which you will set up in front of you when you open your account. To take the place of sending the documents, you will be asked to download three documents. 

The  first is to raise the front image of the 
second identification card  Upload the background image of the 
third identification card  Upload a document to prove the housingwhen the completion of the lifting of these documents will wait 24 hours to be reviewed and email you if the documents were collected or not so try to send the accuracy and scan until it is accepted and do not have a problem in this step When documents are accepted as such Ml you will activate your account and you can become Astkhmam full site and features in which  you will find a range of currencies you can send and receive money on them and want to Oamahfezh 

And the site is not complicated but very clear 


 Finished explanation today I tried to brief you so as not to prolong with you in the explanation If you have a question you can put in the comment and we will answer  you Do not forget to join us on YouTube and the Tigram For more information

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