Wonderful bank to send and receive money payeer

Hello your dear Algarie in our hope that we 
may inform you what you are looking for 

today in this post we will try to talk for a site or a wonderful electronic bank used by the majority to receive financial payments and sent  a special Russian site to send and receive money

 payeer site is founded in 2012 and Homat high credibility as Fast conversion and Laman also gives a special card to pay and transfer money from an account to a second account without a commission

 to  register in payeer  Click here

  after clicking on the link and enter the site will give you a page to enter information like the rest of the sites  at the beginning will send your email and the existing code in a The image that will appear after you click on signup

When you press sign up you   will go to the second stage, which isentering the password Try to make the password consists of small letters and large numbers with the numbers to be accepted without a problem then you enter the name and press  on nexst when you click next will show you some information Try copying and keeping Because you will need it as you forgot your password 

when you complete the registration and access to your account will find all your information  I will put  a picture illustrating some of the things that exist in the account 

The upper image showing the important things that must you  know   it
this was the most important in explaining 
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