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 today In this post we will discuss the explanation of a great site for buying and selling digital currencies in a safe and cheap way  This site, the site of EPAY  when you register will give you many accounts for deposit such as ADVCASH and filing from the governor  

 to register on the site , click here  

recording method easy Jaddaa then enter your information  after opening a new account or what you need to do is send your documents from the national ID card and proof of residence card after the confirmation of your documentsAmenkn access to all the features found in it

The site has been previously granted the capacity of Visa Card and now it is stopped  
at the deposit in the site EBAY  You can receive payments after different currencies will choose which currency you want to use You can buy the digital currency by pressing the cryprocurrency Then you choose the digital currency sold or bought  and Will give you an alert during the purchase because there can be losses when buying the digital currency and the latter is unstable in the price also  within the account you can convert currencies between them by going to EXCHANGE withdraw to the site of EPAY go to DEPOSIT AND WITHDRRAW after pressing it YOU WILL GO TO WHITEDRAW AT THE DAMAGE You will enter information about the financial payment you want to withdraw 

There are many advantages in this site you can see them yourself when you register  
Finished the explanation today and meet in another explanation with another site  
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