The profit from file uploads sharecash is a very cool site

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Today in this subject we will try to talk about a wonderful site classified by the majority of the first class in the file upload for profit from them 

This site is a share cash   and I think everyone went through this impact and knows it as well but at the same time did not benefit from the site and did not win from the files they raised 

I will try to explain as much as possible to know the important information in share cash

When entering the site you will find that you must pass three steps to complete the registration

But, brothers, before you register on the site, open vpn and change your site to the United States because if you do not change the IP will not register and you will find that the site rejects your request to open a new account 
You can use hotspot to change the location 

As we said before, you will go through three steps 
In the first step you will enter the user name with the email and password and promising in writing the password then Stzguet on next  Batt pressure on the next pass to the second step which is theintroduction of personal information with housing 

You will enter the name, surname, street name, city, county and state, and then enter the postal code and press next 

 In the last step you will delete the mark of the terms and conditionsin all the sites and then press finish

After pressing Finish you will have opened your account and you can go to the email you registered to confirm your account 

To access your account, enter your username and password 

 When you log in to your account you will go directly to
 You then press Monetization Tools
  Files & Uploading  

Then you will directly download the files you want pictures, videos or applications 
When you finish downloading the file, the site will give you a direct link to download the file 
This link can be copied and posted on social networking sites 

I advise you to take advantage of the sites in which Western countries are located because anyone who uploads the file you uploaded through your link may earn at least $ 5 per upload so try uploading files that are interested in Westerners for quick profit. 
You can see and follow statistics about the links you post in theStatistics list 

 Check out the share cash site 
 The way to draw from the site is very easy
The share cash site gives you four ways to withdraw

 payoneercard / payoneer wire transfer / paxum / bankk wire transfer

 I advise you to use the draw directly to the payoeer card but to withdraw you must at least be a $ 10 earnings to be able to draw 

This is explained in today's commentary and the information on the wonderful share cash site

We do not want to lengthen you in subjects so that the reader will not be bored, but only give you important information 
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Please do not hesitate to send your comments and questions. We are here to support you 
And God made everyone 

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