How do I know that I have not violated AdSense policy?

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today's on this topic we will talk about how to violate the rights of google adsense  or do not know that most people who have Adsense income-effective accounts are afraid of violations of the policy and this is the account is closed or suspended and you can not recover your account forever Because Adsense deals seriously and makes tough decisions 

So if you want to know if your site was linked to Adsense has violated or violated the terms first, you only need to login to your Adsense account and click on the account you will find at the bottom of the list on the right or left after clicking on them will show you a set of options Click on the Policy Center when clicking on it. A page will appear if there are violations

 You will find it on this page. You should fix things quickly. If you remain in violation of the policy, your account will be closed immediately  . Take advantage of this opportunity  

 Do not violate any political will find in this A page is not detected any violations of policy and in the case of a violation of policy , they will give you a link where the place of violation with some guidelines that you have to do tosolve the problem


This is what was explained in today's day and what we could talk about  Do not hesitate to put your questions in the comment because I I may be remiss or did not reach you Almalomnh in this explanation  and not forget on YouTube Mtabatta channel and that you will find Allgram ties top of this page                                                                 according to God , everyone           

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