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Today in this post we will talk  about a portfolio or a great and easy to buy and sell digital currency such as the developers, etherium, letecoyne and other 

currencies  coinbase, a well known currency exchange company established in California that allows exchange in more than 32 countries and storage Digital currencies in more than 190 countries around the world,  the number of users in 2017 more than 13 million and is very credible and safe

 to  register on the site Click here 

 when you enter the site Easy registration method will press demarre After that you will see a list to fill your information from the name and the title and email and check The CAPTCHA

Then Tdt registration you will be asked to confirm your email first then go to the email you registered it and you'll find a message fromcoinbase   open it and click on the confirmation that you'll find in the message link  after the confirmation email will enter the phone number to send you the confirmation component of the five - digit code after the confirmation number The phone will enter directly to your account 

 when you log into your account you will find that the site is very simple and you can start to choose the currency you want to buy the  method of buying the digital currency from the coin base is very easy only

 there are some Arab countries are not supported because the digital currency in that country is not available and no Can be used  for that Net among non-supported countries

The site will tell you that your country is not currently supported to buy digital currency and ask you to participate in their fund to send you a message

 if your country Advath on the site and the possibility of buying the currency from the site  that is coinbase site    you can look forward to the rest of the information when Tssgelk

This iswhat The priest came to explain today do not want to prolong you in writing the long topics  try as much as possible to deliver information in a short way so as not to distract the reader from our places  we hope to subscribe to our channel on YouTube and Teglram for more information,                                      according to everyone 

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