Earn $ 1 each day from the 2captcha website

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Today in this topic we will try to explain a special site for beginners only who are looking for small and small amounts

2captcha is a site for verification codes that sometimes appear on some sites to make sure you're not a robot 

ovides service to customers and is writing these codes 
The site will give you the verification codes in the images and you are writing them and each code takes about the amount of money 
almost every code worth  $ 0.00035 or more 

The site is 100% honest so you have no doubt about the site and I personally tried it and pulled it out 

to register   Click here 

When you enter the site, sign up by entering your registration information as easy as other sites 

Open your account and confirm your email will go directly to the top menu and press srtart work will show you a new page gives you codes to write 
You will write the icons in the images and each time you see a new icon and thus you collect the money

How to check out the 2captcha site 

There are many ways to drag this site and I think it will help you because the minimum draw is $ 0.5 and this amount is not much you can collect in one day 
The drag methods are 


You are after your arrival minimum will go to the top menu , and press the payout and then choose the payment method that will help you 

This is the important information in the 2captcha site 


I will put you because a picture to prove my clouds and the fact that the first time I was a beginner started this site and was the first to win it 

As you can see in the picture, the withdrawal of 2017 was confirmed and the payment was received after 12 hours of the withdrawal request 
Today's explanation is over. We hope that we have delivered you 
Do not hesitate to put your questions here for your support 
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