Bank to send and receive money and commission less webmoney


today In this subject we will try to talk about an e-bank that receives money and sends  this site is webmoney  Many people use this siteto receive payments 

webmoney site and honest and reliable bank was established in 1998 , a system of commercial systems  is now more than 36 million people used this bank and this is due course , to the credibility of this site and easy to deal with this some important information about webmoney 

  anyone who wants to register on thesite , click here to open your own calculation method sing on  site 

webmoney is very easy when access to the site will pop up a window directly will enter the country code and phone number to complete the registration  method of registration is very easy  after registration complete and login to your account you can use it to receive payments  they will give you a special code component account of several numbers  this number will be the Your custom

You will use it while you receive your money 
WEBMONEY also  grants MasterCard cards, but you will not purchase the card or obtain the card until you have confirmed your passport. You  
will take or photocopy your passport and register with your name and send it to them so you can access all the existing features. at the site of wEBMONEY and get a MasterCard card  there are many great features in the bank webmoney   we will try to mention some ofthem: the advantage webmoney Bank low Balamolat compared tobanks and other,

  The security level is very high in webmoney, and the bank also has the ability to deal with digital currencies such as the developers. The webmoney bank deals with the Arab countries and can be used immediately after the opening, not the Paypal, which uses the Visa card . ,, ,,

You can view the rest of the features when you open your account 
This is the explanation today. We hope that we have provided  
you. Do not forget to sign up with us on YouTube and on Tram For more information  
, please do not hesitate to put it in the comment. And we will answer you, God willing,  
according to God for all 

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