A wonderful bank to send and receive PAYZA with a bank card worth $ 20

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 Today in this post we will talk about a wonderful bank to send and receive money  

bank PAYZA is dedicated payza Bank to receive and send payments established in London and it is also one of thestrongest electronic banks such as

 Skrill   -    NETeller and  other banks 

The payza account is characterized by the sale and purchase directly from the balance of your account without  need to add bank cards and is characterized by a low commission during the transfer or reception and is now supported by many of the profitable sites  

Method of registration in payza is  very easy  

 Method of registration in payza very easy We will not mention it in this subject so as not to prolong you as well
 but I will try to explain how to register on Youtube for those who did not understand how to register in payza bank  You can join us on YouTube for more information

  after you register and open a new account in payza you can use your account directly In sending and receiving For financial payments will find a message that tells you the possibility to use your account normally 

You can activate your account after receiving a payment of more than $ 500 will send personal documents as an ID card to activate the account 

 for the request of payza card

You can apply for the card if you have $ 20 in your account so that you can pay the fees on the card which means that the card is not free  

and the card is supported in some Arab countries, not all  

of the countries supported Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco ,,, 
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