A great and easy site to buy and sell soft drinks that supports Arab countries

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today's  on this subject we will try to talk about a wonderful platform to buy and sell digital currencies and have been mentioned in previous topics how to buy digital currencies from other sites  and today also transferred to you this site offers the same service is the purchase and sale of digital currencylacalbitcion A great location to buy and sell digital currency supports the Arab countries and many people use this site

Also, this site localbitcion site intermediary between people, for example you are with you and you want to sell it to someone else wants to buy the product will be exchanged between the two of you that the two benefit from the transaction 

to register on the site Click here

  After entering the site will register the subscription by entering the user name and email and Password and password reset with the CAPTCHA code and click on register after clicking on the register will show you a list of the terms and conditions of the site Go down and press OK after pressing OK Go to your email You will find a message from the site Open it To confirm your account  

after you login to your account you will want two things, either you want to sell the product or buy the recipe,  we

 will start how to buy the recipe

You now have cash with your bank account and you want to buy the product you  
will choose the country and choose the currency and determine the amount you want the digital currency  
then click on sell will show you a group of people and after you determine the person who can pay you will click to buy any purchase  

when you press You will be prompted  to send a trade request after which you will open a chat between you and the person who tells you about your money and I will give  you the money. You do not transfer the money unless he has clicked on the booking of the content Then you transfer the money and you will receive the product on the site Ztk  after receiving Alpetkoan you can drag it to another purse or another platform 

for how tosell Alpetkoan

 You will go to the wallte prepared to go to recvoir and you will find the address to be sent to the site after receiving the pettkwin on the site you can offer for sale by giving the value you want to sell and the way you want to receive money  this is what is on the site localbtcion site is very safe for that Do not be afraid to dotransactions  if you do not understand the differences well you can watch the next video of the site  click here 

This is what explained in the day Do not hesitate to put your comments and questions because we may be deficient in the explanation or we could not deliver the information clearly so put your question and Snjibk God willing we will try as much You can help  
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