The new policy brought by YouTube 2019

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Today in this topic I will tell you that there is good news for all YouTubes because the new YouTube policy, which was passed on February 19, 2019 will help many people who work on YouTube 

In this blogging we will try to move the policy set out by YouTube 2019  in short

On February 19, YouTube announced a change in policy and an opportunity for users to violate the forum's guidelines.  This is to take advantage of the time at which the right to choose the right thing and behave with the content is prohibited before the user experiences serious consequences that could lead to the deletion of his channel. 

These changes will be applied on  February 25, 2019

When you violate the policy, you will be sent a message to your email and you will find information about the content that you created and published so be careful to review the warning and the reason for removing the content that you published

There are three warnings you will receive if you continue to violate the YouTube policy and each warning provides for things 

The first alarm  if theregot offense will be live broadcast in thechannel 's arrest and will remain the ban on the inherent during the imposition of restrictions on your account and is non -compliance with this warning to close your account 

Second warning in three months If your account receives two alerts, you will not be able to post anything on your channel 

Third Alert Your account will be stopped and closed immediately if you receive three alerts

This is YouTube's policy and   this may give an opportunity for people who publish content that may violate copyright and take advantage of the opportunity to review the content while receiving an alert. 

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