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Today in this topic we will talk  about an online bank sends and receives money, a payment method trusted by Malaysians of the world 

Neteller is a bank that is characterized by quick and very safe payments. It is one of the largest companies to transfer money in the world, which deals with billions during the year

This bank was established in 1999 and this indicates that it is not new, which has been used by people for some time and still tops the top ranks in sending and receiving payments 

This is some information on this bank 

Register at Neteller Neteller for free Whether for individuals or companies you can open your own account 

To register, click here 

When you start the registration, try to enter your information correctly. Special Address Enter the address in the document that you will send to them when your account is confirmed by the documents 

When you complete the information and log on to Neteller,  you must do some things to activate your account and increase the percentage of your money. 

First, you will be required to pay $ 0.01 in your account by making a deposit using the payment methods you will find in your account 
For example, when I registered in the bank I made a deposit through skrill $ 0.01 
When you enter the amount you have finished the first step

Second, you must verify your identity Neteller will ask you to send your ID card to both sides of the card. The front and back image You will upload and send the images Try sending scanned and high resolution images to be accepted because the images are unclear Documents are rejected 

 After upload picture card will come to confirm the title stage it will also send a document to prove accommodation such as gas or electricity bill or water or arithmetic disclosure of bank account to other documents and will determine the quality of the document Strsha such as document Mahmkh or school letter to other ,,,,

Completing these steps and sending the documents will wait 24 hours for your documents to be reviewed and they will send you a message in your Gmail and you will see if the documents are accepted or rejected because this bank does not tamper with these things if the document is unclear or lacking The information will be rejected and you are asked to upload another document 

When your documents are accepted, you have done your full account and can send and receive the payments you want 

At Neteller you can get a special Master card for Benetler but unfortunately this card is not free 

In order to be able to get your Nitler card, your account must be charged more than $ 10 or more to cover the card fees 

The Neteller Bank   offers you offers and offers you can see in your account and get them, but under the conditions they set 

This is the explanation that we were able to convey to you. We hope that it will be clear and clear 
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