Google + will be deleted in April 2019

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Today in this post we will send you information about 
 google + and the owners of these accounts who have pages and posts in this account 

Yesterday, google  issued that all + google accounts will be deleteddue to lack of requirements and difficulty in using it 
He also explained in his statement the things that must be followed by those who have importance in this matter 

Google + will be permanently banned in April 2019. Any pages created on GOOGLE + will be deleted, including photos and videos. But before the time limit for deletion, you can download a archive of information you have set up in GOOGLE + 

On February 4, no one can create a new page, a new forum or new events 

If you sign in to some apps and sites in GOOGLE + this button will be disabled and the GOOGLE login button will appear 

If you have used GOOGLE + to add comments on your blog, this feature will be removed from the code on March 7th and all comments will be deleted starting April 2, 2019

These are some of the important things that GOOGLE has brought  

This picture shows some of the things GOOGLE has mentioned before

This is what we have been able to tell you about in this topic. We hope you will follow us on YouTube to make more use  

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