CashU account and how to get a MasterCard card from the site 2019

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Today in this blog we will try to explain cashu site and we will discuss all the advantages of this site and its services

Cachu site  is a website established in Singapore in 2002 offering a range of services like other electronic banks

To register on the site click here

When registering, the first thing you need to do is send your personal documents which send the scanned ID card and it must be clear so that it is verified without problems because the confirmation of the account documents is very necessary to reach the rest of the features in this site

After you have reviewed the documents you submitted and confirmed the account you can use your account fully and do the financial transactions

There are two ways to use the CASHU deposit card. However, this card is not active in some countries. The second way is, as usual, payment by credit card such as Visa card and MasterCard card
You will receive a bonus of 25% of the money you have deposited on the site
To send money through CASHU you can transfer it to the person you want and who is in your country and the money will be connected immediately

The way to send or transfer  money will go to send money when you click it will show you a page with the first two digits of the person to whom the payment will be sent to you will write the phone number of this person until you receive a text message includes some instructions on receiving funds

The second box is specific to the amount you will send to it, you will fill it and press send

For fees, CashU does not charge any fees

Also features site that gives you cashU MasterCard card but after adding $ 10 in your account

To order the card you will click on the mastercard in the top bar of the site when you click it will show you three assignments The first step you have skipped The second step is the deposit process $ 10 and then the third step Choose the amount you want to deposit in the new MasterCard card and so You have got your own card
You can register to learn more about CashU 
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