Bank in sending and receiving money fasapay in USD and IDR 2019

Hello readrs in our site i hope that you are good 

Today in this blog we will try to explain the site has been over looked by a lot of people do not deal with him so I will try in this subject to explain and recall some of the features found in it 

The site fasapay is a site to send and receive money ie any other word is an e-bank 
Established in 2010, it is a non-banking company  established in Singapore 
The fasapay website protects the accounts of people who are registered with very high protection, thus preventing fraud 

This is some general information about the fasapay site 

  to register Click here  

Method of registration It is easy to fill out the form for personal information correctly because you will confirm your account documents later to reach the full features of the account 

When registering and accessing your account you will find that the site has given you two accounts to receive 
The first is the currency idr which is the Indonesian currency and the second account is the account you can receive USD usd

What you need to do as a new registrar is to confirm your account by clicking on the profile on the left side of the account and then choosing uploud id which document you will click on and choose the document you want to download. In this case you will choose the passport to send it and check it and do your account 

After activating the account you can send and receive money normally 
Also in the profile list you will see many options, including adding a US bank account. You can add a Pioneer account to anyone who has a Pioneer card. You will copy the routing number and account number and link it with fasapy. 

There are many advantages in this site   but I do not want to prolong with you in the explanation because when you open your ownaccount you can see the rest of the features on the site and activate it, but I transferred the important things you must do to act fully with your account  

I finish explaining today and I hope that I have given you even a little bit 
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