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Today in this post we will explain how to promote a publication or advertisement on the Facebook page and we will talk about some important things that you should follow until you run a successful financial statement without losing your money and find that your advertisement did not achieve the goal you want 

First: When you choose to start advertising, you must have a page on Facebook 
This advertisement you want to promote must be proportional to the name of your page, ie your advertisement about a site for profit. For example, the site of crypto for the website is known and you go and publish this link on the page.

Second: Determine the purpose of this announcement Is it profitable or you want to increase your follow-up only and attract more audience Set the goal to promote the advertisement in the right place

Thirdly:  After knowing the purpose of the advertisement and the content in which it is going to try to choose the place or the location where the announcement will be located. This is important, that is, the advertisement is written in Arabic and you choose the American state and this promotion will of course fail in the success of the advertisement. 
So you will identify the countries that fit the announcement and you are sure that it will bring many clicks and many buttons for your announcement 

Fourth, after completing all these tasks, try to have the content you wrote within the advertisement content useful and interesting to make the person who sees the advertisement click on it, for example published a profitable site tried to write something interesting like not miss the opportunity to make money from your home, What your ad is about 

Fifth:  When you start to promote and note the success and effectiveness of your advertisement if you notice the announcement has appeared to succeed and brought many visits in the first let it continue, if half the time has lost half of your budget and did not interact with people with the announcement you must resume the announcement and re-cut and knowledge The error or re-adjust the Achia that we mentioned in the first stage 

This is the most important thing to know before promoting a publication or ad 
I just talked about how to promote on Facebook because there are other ways to advertise your ad

if you know all these things, your advertising will be successful and you will achieve great effectiveness 
This is what I wanted to give you, I hope to inform you, even if only a little
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