Things are important for those who want to profit from the Blog

In the name of God the Merciful and prayers and peace be upon the Prophet Secretary
Oh God, not aware of us, but what you taught us you Alim expert
Explain to me the Lord of my chest and pleased me my order and solution node of the tongue Evgahoa say
Hello your dear reader, I wish to be healthy and good

Today in this post I wanted to give you special information   beginners who want to open a blog 

The fact opened a blog of the most important things to start your earnings from the Internet and many people are wasting this opportunity with that Google gooogle  gives you the possibility to open a blog for free 

So try to take advantage of your time in writing topics in your blog
Do not rush while writing and try to write ten topics per day , forexample , and strain yourself !! No , my brother , type one or two in the day so even Atvhl later and begin to leave writing topics ,  everything comes gradually 

Also important , which must avoid a failure to steal other topics people or subjects from other blogs because this act violates Google google policy  and will delete your blog from the archive will not appear in Abajt engines 

Do not be tempted the appearance of your blog in the search engines first pages in the beginning and you steal topics but after a while you will find that your blog has become in the last pages of theengines and then you will find that your blog does not appear at all in the search so watch out for this point ,,,

The originally why steal topics people and their labor! You have a mind and you can write your own topics and suit your abilities and interests relevant topics you can write a good comparison by others do not underestimate your abilities

As well as things that you should follow is to try writing long topics contain at least 500 words so that your subject is good

Try using keywords that the people typed when search 

If you perform the following steps , you will find yourself during themonth have written about 60 theme and you will notice increased traffic in your blog lightly people have begun Aisalom to your site 

In this way , and continued to organize topics in your blog and do not use much color as you type because this will make your blog not beautiful and this may make the reader not to browse your site again 
Try using two colors or three only when writing and must also be compatible with the appearance of the blog 

After doing these steps , try to bring visits legitimate ways through websites or applications to your blog because this important things that will make you acceptable in adsens 

Well do not forget to put the page to use and we are page of mold Contact us because it is important things as well as required adsens and indicate that the owner of the site is interested in including published ,,, 

God willing , if you follow these instructions will be accepted into AdSense and your blog will appear in  search engines 

I tell you about myself have you all these steps and thankfully after only a month jointly with adsens were accepted my request at the second time because there were links are not valid in my blog at the first time so I did rehabilitated and advanced to Odsens Vtm accepted and as you see the ads appear on my blog on the side 

You will also be accepted in adsens only what you need is patience ,patience , patience   because it is an important thing to profit from the Internet  in  order to succeed in these things.

These are some important points that I wanted to share with you 

Any inquiry or question put in the comment 

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