The best trading platforms that accept $ 1 for starting trading

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today in this topic we will talk about  Forex platforms or binary options that you can start with the least amount because many do not have thecapital good until they start trading on platforms   as they request the amount of many during the start or deposit for example , the company   ETORO and known in the world are now to begin in Invest your money You have to deposit $ 200 and this is a high amount for novices

But the fact that we do not hide this aspect of the company is that when you deposit for $ 500, the company will give you another  $ 200 as a bonus. So be aware that if you have a large sum of money and want to invest in Otoro, deposit $ 500 directly to get $ 200 

:If you would like to register at the Otoro platform 

This is information about Otoro 

Now I will show you platforms that accept very little money and I'm sure anyone can trade on these platforms 

Let's start by showing

First platform :

Global mediator FBS trading is one of the best companies deserve to be in the lead company is characterized by the fact that charity work 
For those who can not trade and have no capital up to one dollar
 You can start trading on this platform and make money as thecompany will give you when opening an account with two pons,   one of which you will find the amount of $ 50 bonnus and the second $ 123 bonnus also 

In order to start trading in these two accounts,the company will ask you to confirm your account in the documents in order to activate and trade the bonus accounts 

You will find that they put conditions you need to achieve to earn and withdraw your money and the most important conditions that you get 25 dollars increase in both accounts 
For example, a $ 50 bonus account must be traded and you mustearn $ 25. Your account balance must be $ 75. When you withdraw, you will withdraw the $ 25 you earned and take from you the bonus that they gave you. 

Bonnus accounts are only one week from the day they are opened 

Also, if the period of the accounts of the bonus has expired, you can deposit in the platform and in the real account a very small amount of one dollar and I think everyone has this amount, but note that the deposit must be through by card Visa or Master Card 

 To register in the FBS platform from here

Second platform

XM Platform     This platform offers forex trading and CFD trading on stocks, stocks, oil and gold 
What distinguishes this company is that it gives you the possibility of opening an Islamic account. Any money you put in the account will go through Islamic rules and go to Islamic companies. 
To start trading in this company, just deposit $ 5 to start and invest 

If you want to register in the company click here  

There are many platforms where you can start with a small amount but these are the most popular ones that 
will help you start investing your money 


The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

I think anyone can start trading because the minimum starting amount is $ 1 which is very small 

This is what I wanted him to convey to you. I hope I have reported to you 
If you have a question , put it in the comment or email us on our Facebook page because it is always active 

And God Almighty to all loves and wants Almighty 

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