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In our topic today we will explain how to make your blog appear in the first pages of search engines 

If you want to top your blog or search engines , what you should not write important topics meaningful and important and warn that use applications that violate google    and you are making your blog or your site appears in the first pages of the engine because  google   will delete your site 

As well as to the top of the search engines must follow SEO and that of the most important things that will make your site unique

 What is meant by SEO    is the practice to improve and enhance the site Ljb visitors to him and follow - up for your site has been structured SEO   in thetemplate structure that appears upon your site so Istrongly advise you to read more about SEO   

Is my site if it appears on the first page today's search engines do you will appear tomorrow as well?
Not likely that your site does not appear always in the first search engines because it can be one ofthem has written better than the subject of your subject and respected SEO rules   more than you 

!How do search engines work
It supports the search engine on two things two grounds
1-crawl and index building : crawl and index billions of documents, videos, photosandlike 
2-provide answers : provide answers to users anddone by the algorithm that playsimportant role in the analysiswords used by google  to detect thetopics copied and stolen 

                             Explanation ended

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