Important things for those who want to profit from the blog - for beginners -

wellcom visitor blog of the sniper

i hape that you are in good healthy

today in this topic i  want to give you information for beginners who wat to open a bloger

the fact that opning a blog is one of most important things to start your profit from the internet
 and many of people are wasting this opportunity with google gives you the possibility to open a blog for free

so try to use our time ti writ topics in your blog
do not rush while writing and try to write ten topics for example in day and exhuast your selfe !!!no,, my brother , write a subject or two topic in day so that you fail later ad begin to leave  writing topics

evry thing comes gradually

also impoetant thins to aviod are not to steal other peole topics or topics from other blogs  becuase this action violate google policy and will delete your blog from the archif and will be not apear on the page of search engines at the beginning you steal the topics but after while you will find you bloge has  become in the last page of search  then you will find your blog does not apear at all in search 

so pay attention to this point 

and why you steal the topic of other and they subject you have a minde and you can write topics by your selfe and suit your abilities and interest in the subject can write good topics compared to other do not understimate your abilities

Also, you should try to write at least 500 long words to make sure your topic is good

Try using keywords that people type when browsing 

If you do the following steps you will find yourself in a month you have written about 60 topics and you will notice the increase of visits to your blog in a light and people began to arrive at your site 

Continue  in this way and organize topics in your blog and do not use colors a lot as you write because this will make your blog not beautiful and this may make the reader not to surf your site again 
Try to use only two or three colors when writing, as well as be consistent with the appearance of the blog 

After doing these steps, try to bring traffic legitimately through websites or apps to your blog because this is important to make you acceptable in Adsense 
Also do not forget to put the page of use and the page of us and the template contact us because it is important as requested by Adsense and indicates that the owner of the site is interested in what it publishes ,,, 

God willing, if you follow these instructions you will be accepted in Adsense and your blog will appear in the search engines 

I am telling you about myself I have done all these steps and thank God after a month I just signed up with Adsense and my application was accepted the second time because there were invalid links in my blog the first time I repaired it and submitted to the Adsense accepted and as you see the ads appear on my blog in the side 

You will also be accepted in Adsense. Just what you have to do ispatience. Patience is patience. I repeat  it three times  because it is the important thing to profit from the Internet in   order to succeed in these matters.

These are some important points that I loved to share with you 
I hope I have given you even a little 
Any question put it in a comment and we will answer you

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