How can I profit from Adsense and how much the cost per click!

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Today in this post we will talk about " profit adsens and how you can profit by clicking on your ads"

First we tallk  about  google adsense    generally only: is a way you can make money through it by allowing the adsens display advertisements on your blog 

Because companies pay for adsens money to publish their advertisements and that you are considered the publisher of the company 's website is so any clicks on advertising get you money 
In order to be accepted into adsens we have mentioned this in theprevious position 
When you are accepted into the Adsense ads and may be featured in your blog   may wonder how many dollars a day and what I will get the profits that I can pound  !!!!!

You'll find in some blog for people telling you that you can get $ 500 per month !! order you can get more than this amount , but my brother if you're new in adsens which did not pass on your acceptance in adsens only a week or less can not earn  one dollar in day because your blog might be a few topics or can be few visits to your blog so you will not win anything in adsens 

And some may wonder and say dollars how much I get A visit to my website ???

I'll give you quite frankly will get nothing and will not win anything because profit is when you click the ads and not when Viewed 

So you should focus on bringing many visits to your site it is better to bring a thousand daily visit to your site so that the profits in Odsens reasonable and if you want to   bring traffic to your Governor woke up from the source , which will bring him to visit because of visits paid may lead to the deletion of your Adsense for this is not fooled Videos which you say you can increase your profits from this site or how to raise your CPC to other titles ...
 because such videos aim like you, and in the last you are the victim and surprised that your Adsense has been deleted and as you know that adsens does not exceed nor tolerate any violation of his policy when his policy violates Q Delete your account directly without prior warning even if youaccidentally clicked on your ads

So be cirfaly to keep your  

 you can get $ 0.01 on a single click to announce this less expensive for Arab countries 

Any inquiry or question put a question in the comment 

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