Get a certificate from Google to take advantage of employment opportunities

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today in this topic we willexplain the blindness of obtaining a certificate of invalidity of the Internet can work

Now Google has developed a training course for anyone who wants to get a certified certificate. I'll tell you certified my brother and this course is free
52 hours in the form of videos you see and answer questions
Many people fail at first because the questions are many and really tired but you have to continue because the more you finish the period the fewer questions
So try your best to skip the stages

Also at the beginning you will develop your own plan and in any field you want this certificate
In the final stage of the certificate or course you will have forty questions and you must solve more than 32 questions to take thecertificate by 80 percent

Even if you want to search for answers in search engines or onYouTube for answers to the final session of Google,   you will not find all the answers because Google google changed questions from one person to another
 And I advice from me do not search and answer some  questions from the videos,   but try yourself to answer all the questions yourself can be missed once, twice and even ten times it is important that you get the certificate of your own effort and tired

This certificate can be your source of livelihood later, so try to answer yourself
Many may wonder who see the testimony or information provided in the certificate and say it is suitable for change
You can type your name in the certificate, but has created a special link to verify the certificate and the certificate isaccompanied by an identification number. If you click on the link and enter the certificate ID number , the owner of the original certificatewill appear , not fake.
I therefore advise you to participate in this session

When you get a certificate you can add them to the CV of your own as to google  as soon as you get the certificate you will be required to publish in the house of Kom baytcom site   and Ho-- known site to look for work --lki get work and display your people who are looking to staff 

If you want to register, be sure to type the name and surname correctly as it will appear on your certificate
Registration link from here

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